Let’s Put Our Money Where Our Heart Is

To All Saints Parishioners: We need your help.

As we move down the road on our Church Building Project, one of the key steps is the acquisition of a bank loan to fund the Project.

In order to secure the loan — especially in the current banking environment— All Saints Parish needs to demonstrate that our monthly income can support the loan.

Based upon the Estimated Giving Forms that we have received from Parishioners, we have developed very favorable income projections, and 3 bankers have indicated that they would probably loan us the requested amount IF actual income approached projections (for BOTH the General Fund and the Building Fund).  Unfortunately, the income for both Funds though February is quite a bit below the Estimated Giving Projections.  This is causing us to delay the formal application for the loan at least until the end of March, in the hopes that March giving will more the make up for the shortfall of January and February.  With the ever changing banking environment any delay in applying for a loan is risky; a bank willing to make a loan today, may not be willing to make it tomorrow.

We ask that anyone who can afford to in March, PLEASE step up your giving to AT LEAST match one quarter of what you plan to give to both the General and Building Funds in 2009.  Financially, some people may not be able to make the adjustment in March, so those of us that can give more than one quarter of our annual giving in March should try to do so.  We need this to happen to increase our chances of getting the necessary bank loans.

Your generous estimates of 2009 Giving have clearly come from the Heart.  Now is the time to put our Money where our Heart is!

With Sincere Thanks,

John Hawranick, Treasurer; Ray Azrak, Building Committee; Pete Christopoulos, Fundraising Committee

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