Whether you are already an Orthodox Christian or seeking to become an Orthodox Christian, and would like to become a member of All Saints parish, please schedule an appointment with Father Nicholas at your earliest convenience. Please call the Church office at 919-859-3221 or send an email to to make an appointment.

Information for our records

If you are regularly attending All Saints either as a member or as a seeker, we ask you to complete the following form for each member of your family. This will help in tracking membership, scheduling visits, producing mailings, etc. All information will be maintained securely on Father Nicholas’ computer, with very limited access. No data will stored on this website.

Member names, addresses, and phone numbers will be included in a Parish directory, available to parishioners. If you wish to have your phone numbers excluded from the directory, please contact Father Nicholas.

In the event that your information changes, please resubmit the forms to update the membership database.  In this case, enter your complete name and only that information that should be updated.

For questions concerning membership, please contact Father Nicholas at  or 919-859-1332.

Note: Fields with a dashed red border are required.


  1. Legal Name
  2. Name taken at Orthodox Baptism, Christmation or Ordination, if different from above:
  3. Maiden name, if different than above:
  4. E-Mail Address:
  5. Home Phone: Prefer to keep confidential? YesNo
  6. Business Phone: Prefer to keep confidential? YesNo
  7. Mobile Phone: Prefer to keep confidential? YesNo
  8. Address
  9. Gender: MaleFemale
  10. Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy):
  11. Marital Status: SingleMarriedWidowedDivorcedRemarried
  12. Date of Wedding (mm/dd/yyyy):
  13. Orthodox Wedding or Blessing? YesNo
  14. Name of children living at home (one per line):
  15. Orthodox Status: OrthodoxNon OrthodoxCatechumenSeeker
  16. Date of Baptism (mm/dd/yyyy): Orthodox? YesNo
  17. If not an Orthodox baptism, name of church and denominational affiliation:
  18. Date of Orthodox Christmation (mm/dd/yyyy):
  19. Name Day (mm/dd):
  20. Former Parish (Name and Address):
  21. Have you made a current, annual financial commitment at All Saints? YesNo
  22. Clergy Status: N/AAcolyteReaderSubdeaconDeaconPriest
  23. A picture of you (no larger than 2MB; gif/png/jpg):


Note: Fields with a dashed red border are required.